What methods of deposit do you accept?

We only allow electronic transfers to and from your Betterment account and your checking account via the ACH network and do not accept personal checks. Electronic ACH transfers are easy, safe, and cost-effective. Wires and checks are cumbersome and can be expensive to process due to bank fees. Credit and debit cards are also expensive, and the banks/credit card companies take around 3% of your transaction. We do not accept credit or debit cards as funding sources.

For transfers greater than $300,000, wire instructions may be generated from within the account. There is no fee from Betterment for wires, but please check with your bank for any applicable fees they may have. These wire instructions in your account are only for new deposits from your bank account, or for indirect rollovers. Do not generate wire instructions for direct IRA transfers. Your previous IRA provider will send us a check directly. If they can only wire funds, reach out to our support team for the correct wire instructions.