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The principles for performance are the same across our portfolios: Broadly invest in global markets, generate long-term returns while reducing risk, and help minimize tax impact.

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Portfolio analysis tool Rethinking portfolio performance.

Use our tool to gauge performance across portfolio options, stock-to-bond allocations, and pricing plans. We're here to help you understand how the ups and downs of the market can impact how you invest.

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after-tax performance Our tax-smart tools and strategies are designed to help minimize the tax impact on your returns.

  • Bond selection.

    In taxable accounts, we use municipal bonds that pay tax-exempt interest, while in tax-advantaged IRAs, we use bonds that pay regular interest.
  • Portfolio rebalancing.

    We don't just rebalance to keep your performance on track; we adjust your portfolio based on your account balance and market movements to help manage risk. 

  • Tax Loss Harvesting+.

    When an exchange-traded fund (ETF) in your portfolio sees a loss, the sold security is replaced by a similar one to offset capital gains tax, ideally maintaining an optimal asset allocation and expected returns.
  • Asset location.

    We help shelter your savings from taxes by automating asset location: Placing higher-tax assets (bonds) in tax-advantaged accounts and lower-tax assets (stocks) in taxable accounts.

  • Tax impact preview.

    Whenever you make a withdrawal or allocation change, our Tax Impact Preview helps inform you how this may impact your taxes.

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