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Our mission is to help people turn everyday investments, no matter how small, into their dreams, no matter how big.

“Better” is different for everyone.

It can feel big, like retiring early. It can feel urgent, like investing in a climate-conscious portfolio. Or it can just feel helpful, like using recurring deposits so you never forget to save.

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That's where we come in. We're here to simplify overly-complex ideas. To help you set goals and give purpose to your money. To build peace of mind into your financial future.

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We do that by combining easy-to-use, automated investing technology with great advice so you can make "better" what you want it to be.

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“No one ever tiptoed to real change. We’re constantly looking for new ways to disrupt financial services and create a better world for our customers.”

Sarah Levy, CEO

Sarah Levy, CEO of Betterment.
  • "The bottom line: Betterment is a clear leader among robo-advisors."
    Nerd Wallet1
  • "Betterment pioneered the robo advisor industry as we know it today."
    The Balance2
  • "This app is a good option for those who want more hands-off investing..."

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