How do I fund my 529 account?

If Betterment integrates with your 529 plan, you can make recurring or one-time payments to your linked 529 account. These payments can be made from a bank account or payroll deduction. 

To make a one-time or recurring payment from your bank account, you will need to select the Deposit button in your Betterment account. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll have to connect your bank account to fund the 529. You can then select the 529 account that you want to fund and enter the frequency and amount.

You can also set up payments via payroll. Navigate to your 529 goal. From there, select Set up in the Auto-deposit column. You can then elect to fund the 529 through payroll deductions. If your employer provides a match, you’ll be able to see that information here. As a note, employer match funds for your 529 are only available for payroll contributions.

Payments are contributed directly to the 529 account and take 5-7 days to process.