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Trust accounts Full visibility, total control.

Create multiple goals tailored to each beneficiary, automate cash transfers for beneficiaries on a custom schedule, and manage different trust accounts with a single login.
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The Betterment web application showing multiple trust accounts.
  • Simple signup.

    Setting up a trust with Betterment is quick and can be done entirely online.

  • Smart cash flow management.

    Deposits and reinvested dividends are used to automatically rebalance your portfolio, which can help minimize taxes.

  • Diversified portfolio strategies.

    We invest the trust in a risk-adjusted, globally diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs.

  • Returns.

    Use performance graphing and visualization tools to understand the long-term potential returns of your trust.

  • Clear statements.

    Online access to account activity, quarterly statements, and annual tax forms.

  • Transparency.

    Betterment provides full portfolio visibility, as well as our methodology for choosing each of the ETFs held in your portfolio.

Invest your trust with Betterment.

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