What you get when you invest with us

  • Strategy built on Nobel Prize-winning research to help you earn better returns.

  • Investments diversified across the globe to benefit from multiple markets.

  • Low cost with no additional fees, and expense ratios well below industry average.

  • Personalized digital advice on how to invest based on your goal.

We’ll help you set an investing strategy for every goal.

  • Let us know how much you want to save and by when.
  • We’ll recommend a stock-and-bond allocation based on your goal.
  • As you near your goal’s due date, we’ll adjust your allocation to reduce risk.
  • Easily adjust your allocation yourself, or even build a custom portfolio.

Betterment Core Portfolio and Climate Impact portfolio.

Our portfolios are designed to help you build wealth.

Our strategies diversify your investments across the globe to optimize returns. You can review any investment strategy’s historical performance before you select it, and you’ll always be able to see your goal’s performance in your account.

Performance details of a portfolio,  with an emphasis on earnings, dividends, and tax losses harvested.

Invest in the entire market—not just a single stock.

A portfolio is how you choose to invest. For every goal you set with Betterment, we’ll help you customize your portfolio based on your time horizon, risk tolerance, and more. See your portfolio options below.

Learn more about our general investing offerings, which can be compared to a global market index.

  • Core portfolio

    Betterment Core

    Recommended portfolio strategy focused on global diversification with low-cost, tax-efficient ETFs

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  • Goldman Sachs Smart Beta

    Goldman Sachs Smart Beta

    Aims to outperform market-capitalization portfolios with Goldman Sachs ETFs

    Learn more
  • portfolio-innovative-tech

    Innovative Technology

    Tap into high-growth potential technology companies as part of a well-diversified portfolio with increased exposure to risk

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Choose from our Socially Responsible Investing portfolios.

  • Broad Impact Portfolio

    Broad Impact

    Includes ETFs with high ESG ratings and weighs criteria equally to keep investments balanced

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  • Climate Impact Portfolio

    Climate Impact

    Includes climate-conscious ETFs that support companies with lower carbon emissions and helps fund green projects

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  • Social Impact Portfolio

    Social Impact

    Includes two ETFs that support minority empowerment and gender diversity in the workplace

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For a lower-risk approach, try an all-cash or all-bond option.

  • Betterment Cash

    Betterment Cash

    Cash-only strategy, with money held in our program bank network earning a variable interest rate of 0.10%

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  • BlackRock Target Income

    BlackRock Target Income

    Bond-only strategy that avoids stock market volatility by focusing on bond income rather than market returns

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Looking for more control over your portfolio?

With our Flexible Portfolio options, you can adjust the weights of individual asset classes or choose not to invest in certain geographies or bond classes.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a portfolio?

  • Why does Betterment invest in ETFs?

  • What should I expect in terms of returns for my investments?

  • Can I use more than one portfolio strategy in my Betterment account?

  • Can my Betterment investments decrease in value?

  • Can I see the list of funds in each portfolio strategy?

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