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Well-diversified, low-cost, and built for long-term investing. Features an especially broad collection of stocks and bonds from across the world.

Stocks and bonds

Innovative Technology

A well-diversified portfolio focused on high-growth potential companies such as clean energy, semiconductors, robots, virtual reality, blockchain, and nanotechnology along with increased exposure to risk.

Stocks and bonds

Broad Impact

Invests in companies that rank highly on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria without compromising potential long-term performance.

Socially responsible Stocks and bonds

Climate Impact

Invests in companies with lower carbon emissions and the funding of green projects while still helping you achieve potential long-term growth.

Socially responsible Stocks and bonds

Social Impact

Provides broad diversified exposure with a greater focus on companies actively working toward minority empowerment and gender diversity as part of your long-term strategy.

Socially responsible Stocks and bonds

Goldman Sachs Smart Beta

Targets companies that have potential to outperform the broader market over the long term. Diverse and relatively low-cost, but with higher exposure to risk.

Stocks and bonds

BlackRock Target Income

A 100% bond portfolio with different income yields to help protect you against stock market volatility.

Bonds only

Cash Reserve

A 100% cash account that earns 4.75% APY (variable)*, carries no-fee on your balance, and is FDIC-insured up to $2 million at our program banks ($4 million for joint accounts)†.

Cash only


Broadly invest in the crypto landscape with one portfolio. Get diversification across decentralized finance, payments, the metaverse, and more.



Greater emphasis on crypto assets either utilizing less energy to validate transactions or are on a clear path to sustainable energy usage.



Invest in a portfolio of the two largest cryptocurrencies, with approximately 70% in Bitcoin and 30% in Ethereum—reflecting their relative size in the overall crypto market.

New Crypto

Customize your portfolio.

If you’re an experienced investor looking for more control, a Flexible portfolio lets you adjust individual asset class weights based on your preferences.

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Invested with benefits.

  • Tax savings.

    Automated and optimized tax strategies designed to help minimize tax impact on returns.

  • Lower costs.

    Keep more money in your portfolio with low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and our transparent pricing.

  • Adjusts automatically.

    Your investments are rebalanced as the market moves once at the minimum account balance, with dividends getting reinvested.

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