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    Invest in a diversified portfolio of stock and bond ETFs designed for optimal expected returns.

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    Everything is automated – from rebalancing to dividend reinvestment, even deposits.

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    One simple all-inclusive management fee as low as 0.15%, and never exceeding 0.35%.

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    Our approach provides a highly efficient way to achieve optimized investment returns.

Retirement income that provides cash flow and confidence.

We use technology, investment expertise, and a more secure withdrawal methodology to provide sustainable cash flow while you enjoy retirement.

Dan Egan

Behavioral Economist, Betterment

Geert Bekaert, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance,
Columbia University

Jon Stein, CFA

CEO, Betterment

Alex Benke, CFP

Product Manager, Betterment

Investing expertise meets revolutionary engineering.

Get results you won't achieve on your own. Our financial and engineering experts have teamed up to create advanced algorithms that optimize our diversified, global portfolio to fit your needs.

Source: Betterment's calculations using a $100,000 portfolio; Mutual fund assumes average expense ratio of 1.4% (ICIFactBook, 2012), Typical Advised ETF assumes a 10 fund portfolio with 4 rebalances per year, trading costs of $8.50/trade (average of Etrade, Scottrade, Schwab, Fidelity), 0.44% average ETF expenses (Morningstar Investment Research) and 1% annual average advisory fee (PriceMetrix). Betterment costs include annual advisory fee of 0.15% plus current average portfolio expenses of 0.19%.
Ongoing Annual Cost Comparison

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Get more from every dollar you invest with our tax-efficient automated rebalancing, and one management fee as low as 0.15%.

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