Your all-in-one financial dashboard

Betterment's web desktop and native mobile dashboard screens.
  • See your net worth.

    Get a bird’s-eye-view of your finances.
  • Connect outside accounts.

    Include any money you might have with other institutions.

  • Add shared accounts.

    Connect joint and trust accounts to track shared money.

  • View performance

    See your total earned dividends, tax losses harvested, and more.

  • Track savings progress.

    Stay on track for your goals, and make adjustments if things change.

  • See money movement.

    Track your deposits, spending, and transfers.

Dive deep on your earnings.

Get a detailed breakdown on just how your investments have performed, and see how our technology is working to save you more.

An example of a performance graph in the Betterment app, with total earnings, dividends, and tax losses harvested highlighted.

Manage your deposit schedule.

Set up a recurring deposit to save without lifting a finger, and then oversee your money movement right from your dashboard.

An example of a Betterment user that has three upcoming deposits set up, one which is a one-time deposit, and the other two, which are recurring deposits.

See the bigger (better) picture.

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