How can I turn on, turn off, adjust, or skip my auto-deposit?

We initiate your auto-deposit on the date you set. The funds will then generally invest on the next market day.

You can modify or turn off an existing auto-deposit after logging in. You’ll be able to change the frequency and amount.

We’ll email you the day before a scheduled auto-deposit so that you can make any necessary adjustments before the money is withdrawn from your bank account. The email will provide you with an option to skip the auto-deposit if you need to.

If you turn off an existing auto-deposit but already have a pending auto-deposit scheduled to occur in the next 24 hours, Betterment will cancel the pending auto-deposit if you complete your request before 4pm EST.

Otherwise, you’ll need to cancel the pending auto-deposit separately.

If you're looking to edit your 401(k) contribution rate, please visit our 401(k) participants FAQs.