A rollover gives your money a better home

Moving your retirement accounts into a Betterment IRA can save you on high fees and hassle.

We make it easy to make the most of your retirement.

An estimated 1 in 5 U.S. workers have left behind or forgotten retirement accounts.1 See how rolling them over into an active Betterment IRA can benefit you:
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    Automated investing.

    We make investing easy by putting it on autopilot, handling all the trading, rebalancing, and dividend reinvesting, so you don’t have to.
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    Painless transfers.

    For many providers, rolling over funds to Betterment is completely automated. For others, we have a team to help minimize the effort and paperwork involved.
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    Retirement tools at your fingertips.

    We build you a personalized plan, calculate how much to save, and adjust as life changes.
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Lower fees today can mean more money tomorrow.

A 401(k) with even a modest fee may cost you tens of thousands of dollars over time. The savings from rolling into a managed Betterment IRA of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can add up to a more comfortable retirement.

Graph showing impact of fees on a $50,000 investment after 30 years with 6% annual returns. $233,404 for Average 401(k) with 0.48% fee and $263,019 for Low-cost ETFs with 0.06% Fee

Assumed 0.25% management fee with hypothetical 6% annual return. Image to illustrate the potential impact of fees on performance and does not reflect the performance of Betterment.

Pick from three types of tax-advantaged IRAs.

Our IRAs make saving for retirement easy. They're all automated and give you access to tax-smart tools designed to help you maximize returns.

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Roll over your money with an advisor for free.

If you’re looking to move at least $20k, you can talk with an advisor for free about if transferring your money to a Betterment IRA is right for you.

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Betterment’s Licensed Concierge Team offers support for individuals transferring assets to Betterment of $20,000 or more, and receives incentive compensation based on assets brought to or invested with Betterment. Betterment’s revenue varies for different offerings (e.g., Betterment Digital and Premium, Cash Reserve) and consequently Team members have an incentive to recommend the offering which results in the greatest revenue for Betterment. The marketing and solicitation activities of these individuals are supervised by Betterment to ensure that these individuals act in the client’s best interest.

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