A better investment experience for you and your clients

We're committed to helping you streamline your business so you can offer a better client experience.

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  • Strengthen relationships.

    By outsourcing your day-to-day portfolio management to us, you can completely automate internal processes and spend more time with clients.

  • Help improve profitability.

    By clearly defining your services-- and pricing them competitively--you can increase your profitability by segmenting your clients and building more cost-effective programs.

  • Expand your practice.

    Preparing for a large transfer of wealth on the horizon, our tech-forward, user-friendly solution is ideal for attracting the next generation of clients seeking financial advice.

Not enough hours in the day? We can help.

Streamline your back office

From paperless on-boarding and account setup to automated money movement and transactions, we streamline day-to-day account administration, including billing.

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Automate portfolio management

Our sophisticated technology helps you deliver model portfolios to your clients--and manage them day-to-day with tax-loss harvesting, automated rebalancing, and asset location.

A Betterment Core Portfolio with a moderate allocation, and a Climate Impact Portfolio with an aggressive allocation.

Connect to your tech stack

Betterment's seamless integration with other well-known tools means a better experience for you and your clients. Working with a provider not mentioned? Contact your relationship manager and we'll work to add them.

A list of some of the clients that Betterment integrates with.

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