Do you offer checks or wire transfers for deposits or withdrawals?

Betterment does not offer check or wire transfers for withdrawals, but we do offer wire transfers for deposits into taxable goals. Choose the “wire transfer” option in your account.

The primary method of moving money to and from Betterment is electronic transfers with your checking account using the ACH network. Transferring money electronically is fast, cost-effective, and safe. Checks and wires are cumbersome for you and expensive to process.

Making deposits and withdrawals with Betterment is easy as the click of a button. From the transfer page, click "New deposit" or "New withdrawal" to begin. To transfer an existing IRA or company-sponsored retirement plan such as an 401(k), click the "Roll over an IRA or 401(k)" button.

The ACH daily electronic transfer limit is $300,000, so if your deposit is greater than $300,000, a wire transfer is required and wire instructions will appear after you click "Deposit" on the Transfer page. You can use these instructions to wire funds from a US bank account into Betterment. Note that these wire instructions are only applicable for taxable investment accounts and should not be used as direct deposit instructions or wires from an international bank account.

The wire instructions in your account are only for new deposits from your bank account, or for indirect rollovers. Do not generate wire instructions for direct IRA transfers. Your previous IRA provider will send us a check directly. If they can only wire funds, reach out to our support team for the correct wire instructions.