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Engineering at Betterment

We're engineering Betterment to become a top-notch fintech company. High quality code. Beautiful, practical design. A product that people love. Nerd out with us on all things tech.

How We Built Two-Factor Authentication for Betterment Accounts

How We Built Two-Factor Authentication for Betterment Accounts

Betterment engineers implemented Two-Factor Authentication across all our apps, simplifying and strengthening our authentication code in the process.

How We Engineered Betterment’s Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™

How We Engineered Betterment’s Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™

For our latest tax-efficiency feature, Tax-Coordinated Portfolio, Betterment’s solver-based portfolio management system enabled us to manage and test our most complex algorithms.

What’s the Best Authorization Framework? None At All

What’s the Best Authorization Framework? None At All

Betterment’s engineering team builds software more securely by forgoing complicated authorization frameworks.

Recent Articles

The Evolution of the Betterment Engineering Interview

Betterment’s engineering interview now includes a pair programming experience where candidates are tested on their collaboration and technical skills.

Server JavaScript: A Single-Page App To…A Single-Page App

Betterment engineers recently migrated a single-page backbone app to a server-driven Rails experience.

Modern Data Analysis: Don’t Trust Your Spreadsheet

To conduct research in business, you need statistical computing that you easily reproduce, scale, and make accessible to many stakeholders.

Engineering at Betterment: Do You Have to Be a Financial Expert?

When I started my engineering internship at Betterment, I barely knew anything about finance. By the end of the summer, I was working on a tool to check for money launderers and fraudsters.

Women Who Code: An Engineering Q&A with Venmo

Betterment recently hosted a Women in Tech meetup with Venmo developer Cassidy Williams, who spoke about impostor syndrome.

Market Timing? Not on the Betterment Apple Watch App

We knew we wanted to have the Betterment mobile app on the new Apple Watch when it debuted this spring. A Betterment watch app…

How We Built RetireGuide in R and JavaScript

We adhered to core product principles of immediacy and delight to problem-solve a complex programming project.

Meet Blazer: A New Open-Source Project from Betterment (video)

While we love the simplicity and flexibility of Backbone, we’ve recently encountered situations where the Backbone router didn’t perfectly fit the needs of our increasingly sophisticated application. To meet these needs, we created Blazer, an extension of the Backbone router.

How to Make a Career Switch into Software Engineering

Anyone can learn how to code—even if you didn’t study it in school. Here’s how I transformed my career from biologist to programmer at Betterment.

Building a Data Team from the Ground Up (Video)

Watch: Lead engineer Yuriy Goldman shares the steps he took to "bootstrap" Betterment's internal data team.


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