Building the future of finance

The engineering spirit, the drive to craft and build the quality service for our customers that we dream and crave for ourselves, is how Betterment began, and it’s how we’ll shape the future.

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  • Passion for change.

    We’re not just writing code. We’re building a new way of investing to help people live better lives.

  • Cutting-edge tech.

    We're building an investing platform that's one of the first of its kind.

  • Lasting impact.

    Don’t get swallowed by a faceless engineering org. See your immediate impact on our company.

  • Professional growth.

    Your development is our priority. Learn with us and from us, and while you’re at it, teach us what you know.

A note from Jon Stein, Betterment's Founder:

“Beautifully designed technology, built by empathetic, rigorous engineers, is the key to making finance what it ought to be: a means to help people reach better outcomes and live better lives.”

WHAT WE VALUE Building together at Betterment.

We’re working to become the most-loved financial services company of a generation, and it starts with our engineers. We use cutting-edge technology to build cutting-edge technology. And we need the best to do that. That’s why we invest in your growth, constant learning, and a forward-looking career path.

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HOW WE WORK Collaborative, not competitive.

We solve problems from different angles. Working closely with Product, Design, Marketing, and Research, we brainstorm, ideate, build, and push our thinking and perspectives. It’s all grounded in developing the best solutions for our customers and helping them achieve financial wellness.

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WHAT WE OFFER Ownership and autonomy.

We’re building the future of investing. It’s no small feat, but we do it by empowering our teams to set goals, own projects, advocate for features, and challenge the status quo of both our industry and our way of thinking.

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Our interview process.

Iteration doesn’t stop at code. We hone our interview process to ensure you’re able to show us your best self. No whiteboards. No trick questions. No algorithmic brain teasers. Come work side-by-side with our team, laptops open, and solve problems together. It’s how we work every day. Your interview is no different. Read our blog post to find out more.

1. Technical interviews
Series of pair-programming challenges

2. Ask-me-anything
1:1 with an engineer on another team

3. Product and Design
Meet the other teammates

4. Hiring Manager
1:1 on your background

5. Company Executive
1:1 on your background and the company

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We're always searching for extraordinary people to join our team. Take a look at our currently open roles.

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