Timelines and limitations on transactions in, out, and within Betterment

Cash management

Cash Reserve Transactions

You can view the details of any transaction within your account. Deposits and Withdrawals Deposits into Cash Reserve generally take 1-3 business days while withdrawals out of Cash Reserve generally take 1-2 business days to complete. If the transfer is between Cash Reserve and Betterment Checking: Most transfers under a total daily limit of $10,000 between these two account types will be available on the same day, if the transfer qualifies for a Same-day Transfer. Transfers that are eligible ...

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Checking Transactions

Deposits and Withdrawals Transfers initiated into Checking from within your Betterment account—drawing from a connected funding account—will add to your Checking balance by the following business day if placed by 4 PM ET. However, these funds will be in a “pending” status until the funds are fully available to you to use. The pending status usually lasts for 4 to 5 business days. We’ll display an estimated completion date for any deposits you make into Checking. If you initiate a transfer into ...

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Same-Day Transfers

To help customers conveniently move their cash, transfers between your joint and individual Cash Reserve accounts, or your Checking and Cash Reserve accounts, are generally eligible for a Same-Day Transfer. Please note that some transfers may take longer, particularly if you have recently deposited funds into your Cash Reserve account. Refer to the eligibility requirements in our Same-Day Transfer terms and conditions for questions regarding what qualifies as a Same-Day Transfer.

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Crypto transactions

How can I fund my crypto account?

You can deposit funds into your crypto account via your Funding account or by initiating a wire transfer. We currently do not support crypto transfers from third-party wallets.  Betterment will use the cash from your deposits to purchase coins in your crypto portfolio at the next available trade window. All crypto portfolios contain a cash allocation and the number of coins in your portfolio is reduced at a low account balance.  Please see our FAQs on Transaction limits and Transaction ...

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How do withdrawals work for crypto accounts?

To initiate a withdrawal from your crypto account, select the crypto portfolio > Transfer > Withdraw.  You may withdraw any amount greater than $10 and up to your entire crypto account balance. When you request a withdrawal, we will move that amount out of your crypto portfolio and into cash. Funds will then be transferred to your requested Funding account via ACH. Please see our FAQs on Transaction limits and Transaction timelines for more information.

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Investment details

Stocks and Bonds Investing Transactions

Please note that the following information pertains to stocks and bonds investment transactions only and does not apply to crypto transactions. Any time there is a transaction in your Betterment account (like a deposit, withdrawal, or change in your allocation), we buy and sell shares of stocks and bonds on your behalf in the proper amounts. Betterment takes care of the trading for you. We also trade in order to rebalance your account, change investment options, or otherwise further the ...

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IRA transfers

Transfers Involving IRA Accounts

You can transfer funds between Betterment IRAs and most non-trust or non-crypto taxable accounts by logging in from a web browser and selecting Transfer or rollover > Transfer within Betterment. Transfers involving IRAs will follow the same timelines and transaction limits as all other transfers at Betterment, and IRAs are always an Individual Investing account. You may refer to the Transaction Timelines and Transaction Limits tables for the expected timeline and limits on transfer frequency ...

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How do I complete a Direct IRA Transfer?

If this is your first direct IRA transfer, don’t worry. We help process direct IRA transfers every day, and we’re here to make it as easy for you as possible. TABLE OF CONTENTS How to Transfer Indirect Rollovers Less Common Special Cases Glossary A direct transfer moves qualified assets directly from one provider to another. No tax consequences: Direct transfers are not counted as distributions or taxable income, therefore they are not subject to any taxes or penalties. No limit: The IRS says ...

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Transaction limits

Betterment Account Transaction Limits All limits listed are in business days. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding bank and market holidays.   Limit of # of Transactions $ Limit Stocks and Bonds Investing Deposits Unlimited $300,000 per day** Stocks and Bonds Investing Withdrawals Unlimited Up to available balance Cash Reserve Deposits Unlimited $300,000 per day** Cash Reserve Withdrawals Unlimited Up to available balance Individual Stocks and Bonds Investing Account > Individual ...

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Managing my account

What transactions can I initiate from the Betterment app?

You can change your funding account, manage deposits, and do transfers all on the go with our mobile apps. Change Funding Account Because an electronic ACH transfer is the primary way to move money to and from Betterment, you will not be able to delete the link to your checking account unless you add a new one to replace it with. On the mobile app: After logging in, tap the three bars on the top left. Select “Settings” and then select “Funding Accounts.” Click on the three dots to the right of ...

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Transaction timelines

Betterment Account Transfer Times All timelines listed are in business days1 Note: These transactions may take longer if you have recently deposited funds into your account. TABLE OF CONTENTS Transfers from an Individual Stocks and Bonds Investing account Transfers from a Joint Stocks and Bonds Investing account Transfers from an Individual Cash Reserve (Inclusive of money held in cash goals) Transfers from a Joint Cash Reserve (Inclusive of money held in cash goals) Transfers from an ...

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