Transaction limits

Betterment Account Transaction Limits

All limits listed are in business days. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding bank and market holidays.

Limit of # of Transactions $ Limit
Investing Deposits Unlimited $300,000 per day**
Investing Withdrawals Unlimited Unlimited
Cash Reserve Deposits Unlimited $300,000 per day**
Cash Reserve Withdrawals Unlimited Unlimited
Individual Investing > Individual Investing Transfer 1 per day Unlimited
Joint Investing > Joint Investing Transfer 1 per day Unlimited
Individual Investing < > Joint Investing Transfer* 1 per day Unlimited
Investing < > Cash Reserve Transfer* 5 per day Unlimited
Individual Cash Reserve < > Joint Cash Reserve Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Connected Funding Account > Checking (ACH Push) Generally no limits Generally no limits
Withdrawals From Checking Unlimited $10,000****
Checking ATM Withdrawals Unlimited $500 per day***
Deposits Into Checking (ACH Pull) Unlimited $25,000****
Checking Point-Of-Sale Transactions Generally no limits $2,000 per day****

*Within accounts held at Betterment, we generally only allow transfers involving individual and joint investing accounts if you are listed as married to the account owner. Note: This requirement does not apply if you created the joint account and are the primary account owner.Confirm spouse details or, if you are not married, contact us and we can help you with a manual transfer.

**This limit does not apply to wire transfers.

*This limit includes any ATM surcharge fees charged by the ATM operator. Remember that we’ll reimburse ATM fees at any ATM worldwide where Visa is accepted.

**Checking limits are $25,000 per deposit and $10,000 per withdrawal, subject to change at Betterment's discretion. In certain situations the limits may also be temporarily adjusted to accommodate a specific transaction.