Connecting accounts

Connect external accounts to see your money in one financial dashboard

Getting started

Why should I connect an external account?

Connecting your non-Betterment accounts gives you a more complete financial picture in one location and can allow Betterment to give more informed advice. Instantly connecting a financial account creates a secure, read-only connection with your firm through our data partner, Plaid. Most accounts are eligible for instant, electronic connection through Plaid, although not all are available at this time. As an alternative, you can always manually connect any account. When you connect an account to ...

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How do I connect an external account so that I can view my other savings and retirement accounts alongside my Betterment accounts?

Log in to your Betterment account. Scroll to the bottom of your home page and underneath the section “Other connected accounts”, click on the “Connect accounts” button. You will then be able to choose the institution where your account is located and instantly connect by providing your login credentials.

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Can I delete or hide a connected external account from my Betterment profile?

After you’ve connected accounts from other institutions to Betterment, you may have reason to remove them. Perhaps you’d like to filter out an account from your personal net worth, or maybe you’re done using a certain account and you’d like to remove the information altogether. You have the option to either remove some or all connected accounts from an external institution or simply hide a specific account from Betterment. To delete a connected institution: To delete a connected institution: ...

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When I connect a non-Betterment account, does Betterment store my username and password?

No. Betterment does not store your credentials. Our trusted partner for account aggregation protects the credentials using bank-level encryption both when transmitted and when stored.

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What do I do with my manually connected accounts after I connect my external accounts?

You’ll want to delete any duplicate accounts that were previously linked manually. Navigate to Connected Accounts and select "Edit" to the right of each manual account. Simply click “Delete this account” to remove it from Betterment.

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Is it safe to connect my external accounts?

Keeping your data protected and secure is our top priority. This includes the strongest available browser encryption, secure servers, and identity verification services, among other precautions. For more details, please review the Security & Privacy Promise section of our site.

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How can I also see my spouse’s Betterment account balances?

If your spouse also has a Betterment account, you’ll each have a separate login that uses your own email address. If you want to see your spouse’s account balances, you will need to connect your spouse’s Betterment account as an instantly connected account by using an app password. In order to do this, you’ll need their consent and participation, as they will need to provide their login information. Using an App Password: Please note, connecting another Betterment account to your own will ...

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Portfolio analysis

What are the assumptions for external linked accounts?

We incorporate your external accounts into our goal projections and related advice if you link them to specific goals. In projecting the performance of these linked accounts, we assume that they are the same type of account and have the same allocation as the Betterment goal to which they are linked. For example, if you link an external account to a General Investing goal with a 90/10 stock-to-bond ratio, we assume that such linked account is also a brokerage account with a 90/10 allocation. ...

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What should I know about my externally connected portfolio allocation?

For each externally connected portfolio, the "Holdings" pie chart displays how much exposure each portfolio has in each of the 5 major asset classes (US Stocks, US Bonds, International Stocks, International Bonds, Cash) as well as "Other". For diversified mutual funds or ETFs that may contain multiple asset classes (e.g. a target date fund), the allocation looks "through" the fund, meaning it splits up the fund by the relevant asset classes to give a more precise visualization of the actual ...

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Why is my external bank account connection showing a login failure?

The below information is only relevant to Capital One, Bank of America, and Chase. Some of our nation’s largest financial institutions are switching to a new connection service called OAuth. If your bank uses OAuth, you will take the same steps described here to instantly connect your institution to your Betterment account. From there, our data partner, Plaid, will redirect you to your bank’s website or mobile app where you can log in directly to your bank, select which accounts to share, and ...

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Why am I having trouble logging into my external accounts at Betterment?

When connecting an account you may receive an error. If this occurs, try: If you are using a password manager, try disabling it before logging in. Password managers or even your browser’s autofill can sometimes add extraneous spaces to the beginning or end of your username or password, or auto-fill incorrect passwords. Please manually type in these fields. Make sure the URL matches. Search by the firm name in the search field and then compare the URL to the URL you use to log directly into your ...

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Why am I not seeing all of my accounts in my login?

You may need to log into multiple portals under the same institution in order to make sure all of your accounts at that institution are visible, even though you use only one login to view all accounts outside of Betterment. Try typing in your firm name in the search field to review all of the potential accounts that come up. You should connect all relevant accounts, especially if you have multiple account types (e.g. a mortgage loan and a 401(k) may require you to log in through multiple ...

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I'm having trouble connecting an external account—what should I do?

While most customers find the instant connection process frictionless, there are instances where additional troubleshooting is required. In most cases, the connection can be fixed by you, without additional support needed from our side. For this reason, we suggest taking the following actions first: Open a second browser window and test your external account username and password credentials by logging into your current now. If the login is successful, proceed. Take note of the URL you see when ...

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How do I get help solving a connected account problem?

If you cannot get the portfolio to connect or can’t find the institution or account you are looking for, we would be happy to help get this resolved. Please contact us via email. In your message please include the following: The exact URL you use to log into your account outside of Betterment The type of account you are attempting to connect (is it an annuity, retirement, brokerage, IRA or a different type of account?) Any screenshots of the error message within your Betterment account or the ...

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Why is the balance not updating on my accounts on a regular basis? Can I manually update the accounts?

Your instantly connected accounts generally update every business day. If you don’t see regular updates, you may need to navigate to "Connected accounts" and review your next steps to fix any connection issues.

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