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Easily integrate Rippling with a modern, user-friendly 401(k) through Betterment at Work.

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Rippling is a partner who is paid by Betterment and therefore has an incentive to recommend Betterment. Rippling is compensated so long as your 401(k) integration remains active. Additional disclosures will be provided before you engage Betterment.

Manage your 401(k) with ease.

With a 360 degree Rippling and Betterment at Work integration, the only regular administration your team needs to do is a quick review each pay period. And setting up that integration? It’s straightforward too.

Our integration with Rippling will automatically create accounts for your employees who are eligible for your 401(k) and will also handle offboarding for employees who leave your company.

  • white-glove-treatment


    Get dedicated white-glove support and compliance guidance, plus individual financial coaching and a full suite of employee financial benefits.
    • $292
      monthly base fee, billed each calendar year annually ($3,500)
    • +$8

      monthly record-keeping fee per participant

    Everything in the Rippling Preferred plan, plus:

    • Ability to waive prior plan termination fee
    • Priority access to our 401(k) Compliance team for support with mid-year ADP testing, projected allocations, annual 401(k) audits, and more
    • Financial Coaching: 1:1 advice with our team of Financial Coaches, providing tailored guidance and advice to help employees take better control of their personal finances
    • Additional financial planning webinars included for all participants

One-time implementation fee applies. $500 for new plans, $1,000 for conversion plans.

The Annual Base fee covers the work required for compliance items for the year(s) that your plan is active on the Betterment platform. It is a set fee and not prorated because the work necessary to ensure your 401(k) plan is compliant is a yearly effort.

This fee covers preparing your plan document, annual compliance testing, draft Form 5500, and other compliance-related items. This fee is billed at the time of your first payroll upload and in Q1 of every year after that, as long as your plan is active with assets on the Betterment platform.

Take the first step toward streamlining plan admin

401(k) and financial wellness solutions that scale with your company.

  • All-in-one dashboard.

    Track metrics, send emails to employees directly, and access reports.
  • Payroll integration.

    Streamline your administration process with simple payroll integration.
  • Fiduciary support.

    Administrative, compliance, and investment support as a part of serving as your 3(16) and 3(38) fiduciary.
  • Low-cost retirement options.

    Our diverse range of portfolios gives employees options to help them save.

Your better 401(k) starts now.

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