Can I delete or hide a connected external account from my Betterment profile?

After you’ve connected accounts from other institutions to Betterment, you may have reason to remove them. Perhaps you’d like to filter out an account from your personal net worth, or maybe you’re done using a certain account and you’d like to remove the information altogether.

You have the option to either remove some or all connected accounts from an external institution or simply hide a specific account from Betterment.

To delete a connected institution:

To delete a connected institution:

  1. Log in to your Betterment account
  2. Select your name at the top right and click “Settings”
  3. Select the tab called “Connected accounts”
  4. Locate the institution you would like to delete
  5. Select “Delete” on the far right from the institution’s name
    • You may also choose to “hide” individual accounts within an institution so that they are not factored into your net worth or goal balance. To do so, click “Edit” on the far right from the individual account, then “Hide” under visibility.

When you delete a connected account, that move cannot be undone, but you can always reconnect the account(s) again.

If the connected account was also set as your bank account for funding purposes, deleting the connected account will sever the instant electronic connection and any pending or future transactions with that bank account will not be processed.

Hiding a Connected Account

You can hide a specific account to prevent it from showing up on your Betterment overview or being included in your total net worth. Hiding an account can be done from "Connected Accounts" by clicking "Edit" next to the specific account you wish to hide.