Why should I connect an external account?

Connecting your non-Betterment accounts gives you a more complete financial picture in one location and can allow Betterment to give more informed advice. Instantly connecting a financial account creates a secure, read-only connection with your firm through our data partner, Plaid. Most accounts are eligible for instant, electronic connection through Plaid, although not all are available at this time. As an alternative, you can always manually connect any account.

When you connect an account to your Betterment profile, the balance information for that account is factored into your total net worth. Additionally, if you link a connected account to a particular goal, we incorporate the account into our performance projections and related advice. Note that in doing so, we make certain assumptions about the account type, allocation, and fees associated with your linked account. Please see our Goal Projection and Advice Disclosure for more details. Additionally, our projections and advice are dependent on the details we receive regarding your linked accounts via Plaid or from you directly, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of that information. It’s important to regularly check the connection between Betterment and your external account to ensure it is up to date, or otherwise reestablish the connection.