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Our mission is to provide the best possible solution to the question, “What should I do with my money?”

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How to use our products across your financial life:


For no-fee daily spending and our debit card with reimbursed ATM fees.
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Cash Reserve

For earning more on your savings and organizing the money you’ll use soon in a high-yield cash account.
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For the things you want beyond this year, like a new kitchen or a down payment.
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For your golden years, when you’re ready to kick back and relax full-time.
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Tell us what you want to do with your money.

Open a no-fee checking account? Save for your weekly groceries? Invest for a dream retirement with your partner or spouse? No matter what you have in mind, from practical spending to big investing dreams, we’re here to help you make it real.

We’ll build your account.

Based on what you tell us, we’ll provide some recommendations and set up your ideal account. You can start with one product (like Checking), or go all in. Whatever you choose, it’s easy to add more and customize your account in the future.

Our technology gets to work.

From Day 1, we strive to optimize every dollar you spend, save, and invest with us. Our technology manages your money and helps you earn more. As your money grows and your priorities change, we evolve with ongoing advice and updates to help you stay on track.

Save. Withdraw. Spend. Cheers!

We’re excited to see you achieve your goals, withdraw, and use your money! (Especially when you use Checking.) After all, you’re saving and investing for the things you need and the life you want. The best part: We get to do it again with your next goal.

Some of our favorite features:

  • Two-Way Sweep

    Wondering how much money to keep in your checking account? 
We’ve got you covered.

  • Auto-Deposit

    Our most popular feature. You can set up separate auto-deposits for each goal or account.

  • Tax-Loss Harvesting+

    This important tax-saving strategy automatically helps you offset losses when the market drops once you turn it on.

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Checking accounts and the Betterment Visa Debit Card provided and issued by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. Funds deposited into Checking will be eligible for up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance. Betterment Checking made available through Betterment Financial LLC. Neither Betterment Financial LLC, nor any of their affiliates, is a bank. Betterment Financial LLC reimburses ATM fees and the Visa® 1% foreign transaction fee worldwide, everywhere Visa is accepted.

Betterment Cash Reserve ("Cash Reserve") is offered by Betterment LLC. Clients of Betterment LLC participate in Cash Reserve through their brokerage account held at Betterment Securities. Neither Betterment LLC nor any of its affiliates is a bank. Through Cash Reserve, clients' funds are deposited into one or more banks ("Program Banks") where the funds earn a variable interest rate and are eligible for FDIC insurance. Cash Reserve provides Betterment clients with the opportunity to earn interest on cash intended to purchase securities through Betterment LLC and Betterment Securities. Cash Reserve should not be viewed as a long-term investment option. Two Way Sweep and Cash Analysis are not available for goals that can be held in Betterment cash or an Investing portfolio strategy. These features can only be accessed through a Cash Reserve goal.

Funds held in your brokerage accounts are not FDIC‐insured but are protected by SIPC. Funds in transit to or from Program Banks are generally not FDIC‐insured but are protected by SIPC, except when those funds are held in a sweep account following a deposit or prior to a withdrawal, at which time funds are eligible for FDIC insurance but are not protected by SIPC. See Betterment Client Agreements for further details. Funds deposited into Cash Reserve are eligible for up to (or $2,000,000.00 for joint accounts) of FDIC insurance once the funds reach one or more Program Banks (up to $250,000 for each insurable capacity — e.g., individual or joint — at up to four Program Banks). Even if there are more than four Program Banks, clients will not necessarily have deposits allocated in a manner that will provide FDIC insurance above (or $2,000,000.00 for joint accounts). The FDIC calculates the insurance limits based on all accounts held in the same insurable capacity at a bank, not just cash in Cash Reserve. If clients elect to exclude one or more Program Banks from receiving deposits the amount of FDIC insurance available through Cash Reserve may be lower. Clients are responsible for monitoring their total assets at each Program Bank, including existing deposits held at Program Banks outside of Cash Reserve, to ensure FDIC insurance limits are not exceeded, which could result in some funds being uninsured. For more information on FDIC insurance please visit www.FDIC.gov. Deposits held in Program Banks are not protected by SIPC. For more information see the full terms and conditions and Betterment LLC's Form ADV Part II.