Our advice empowers you to meet your goals the smarter, faster way

A personalized strategy for each of your life goals.

We understand you're saving for all different life events: retirement, a house, simply to build wealth, or all of the above. Your investment account should adjust to your life — not the other way around.

The better we know you, the better advice we can give.

We give you personalized advice, based not only on your Betterment portfolios, but on all of your wealth. We'll tell you how to allocate your money across stocks and bonds, how much to invest each month, and how much your outside investments are costing you in fees and idle cash.

Grow your money at just the right level of risk.

Once we understand your goals, we customize our advice and build a personalized investment plan and portfolio for each one. When your portfolio is properly risk-adjusted, you're set up to achieve optimal returns, helping you to meet your goals as quickly as possible.

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Creating goals is the smarter way to invest.

When you can give each dollar a specific purpose and attach a real outcome to the reason for your saving, you're more likely to actually achieve success.

We ensure that you’re always on track.

Algorithms never sleep. We’re constantly monitoring your account to ensure that you’re achieving your goals — the faster, smarter way. Our dedicated support specialists are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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All information on this page is as of March 7, 2016.