Investing: your home down payment hack

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Saving for a down payment on a home is no easy feat. Investing with Betterment can help you achieve that goal faster than you think.

How you can maximize your savings

Want to save for your down payment faster? Instead of keeping money in a low-interest savings account, you can use the power of compound interest and our automated investing tools to help save more over time.

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  • Recurring deposits

    Quickly build up your savings balance without lifting a finger.

  • Dividend reinvestment

    We put your extra cash to work by using dividends to balance your investments.

  • Automatic risk adjustment

    We manage your account to help manage risk as you get closer to your goal.

  • Goal tracking

    Track your progress with our guidance along the way.

Zillow and Betterment

Zillow is the leader in online real estate. Betterment makes saving for a big purchase easy. We’ve partnered on a video series that answers the important financial questions that come with buying a home. Explore our Ask Zillow Anything series.

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Start investing for your future home today.

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