Portfolio Minimum Disclosure

Updated January 10, 2024

Betterment doesn’t require clients to maintain a minimum investment account balance, but there is a ACH deposit minimum of $10. Additionally, there are portfolio-specific minimums in order to (i) be fully invested in the applicable portfolio and/or (ii) enable rebalancing. Betterment will not rebalance a portfolio until it meets the applicable portfolio minimum balance. This minimum is a function of portfolio allocation and the price of individual holdings, which will vary. The following table shows the portfolio minimum balance required for automatic rebalancing to be eligible to trigger, as of January 11, 2024. 

Investing Portfolios

Crypto Portfolios

Crypto Portfolios



Initial investment


$ 502


1 Investing portfolios require a portfolio minimum balance of $50 in order for a rebalancing transaction to occur (which can be the aggregate of balances in a tax-coordinated portfolio). 

2 The crypto custodian and trading exchange for crypto portfolios is Gemini Trust Company LLC (“Gemini”). Gemini maintains minimum order sizes in order to place crypto trades on its exchange. Gemini’s minimum order sizes fluctuate based on market conditions, and can increase or decrease month to month. This figure is based on Gemini minimum order sizes and required for rebalancing transactions to be eligible to trigger in your account.

3 You may not receive the entire recommended portfolio until your crypto account balance meets the estimated portfolio minimum. Due to Gemini’s minimum order sizes, an initial deposit and/or account balance amount into a crypto account below this recommended minimum can reduce the number of coins Betterment can purchase for your portfolio. You can review a summary of your actual transactions in the “Activity” section of your account. For more information about low balance behavior, please review our crypto disclosures.