What will my fees at Betterment be?

Following the transfer of your account, you will pay 0.25% of assets under management per year for Betterment's services, which is the same as Marcus's standard advisory fee. After twelve months, Betterment's standard Digital plan pricing will apply. Any preexisting Marcus fee discounts or rebates will not apply following the transfer of your account to Betterment. Betterment does not require you to maintain a minimum balance for your account.

For an additional advisory fee, you can also gain over-the-phone and/or email access to our team of CFP® professionals who can provide in-depth advice on all your investments as well as help you manage your Betterment account by making changes for you, based on your directions. This Premium plan requires a minimum investing balance of $100,000 (based on your combined balance across any stocks and bonds investing accounts and Crypto accounts you hold at Betterment).  

More information on Betterment fees can be found here.