Key answers to your questions about Betterment's pricing

Getting started

What is included in the Betterment Digital plan?

Our Betterment Digital plan includes: Fractional shares and free trades Our low-cost, globally diversified investment portfolio, tailored for tax-advantaged or taxable accounts Automatic rebalancing Tax Loss Harvesting+ Tax Coordination, the most sophisticated form of asset location on the market A personalized retirement plan The ability to sync external financial accounts which allows customers to get advice on assets held outside of Betterment A dedicated customer service team. Betterment ...

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What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?

We’re confident in the value we’re offering to you with our investment products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Betterment investment account, we will do everything we can to make it right, up to and including waiving Betterment’s management fees on your investment account for the next 90 days.

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What am I getting for Betterment’s fee?

Betterment’s straightforward fee is a great value. Beyond being the simplest way to invest intelligently, we offer a number of unique features under the hood which simplify your life as an investor and helps you get better returns: Dollar-based transactions/fractional shares. When you transfer money to Betterment, every penny is invested into your portfolio as fractional shares, so all your money is working for you. Better diversification. Any single fund has its shortcomings. By balancing your ...

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What are Betterment’s fees?

Betterment’s investment advice is available for 0.25% per year with no minimum balance. We call this our Digital plan because you receive our advice online. For 0.40% per year, you can also gain over-the-phone and/or email access to our team of CFP® professionals and licensed financial experts who can provide in-depth advice on investments outside of Betterment. This Premium plan requires a minimum balance of $100,000. Learn more about our pricing. For balances in excess of $2 million ...

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Managing my account

How do I see my remaining free time I've gained from a promotion?

You can review your pricing plan and remaining free time by clicking "Settings" from the menu and then "Accounts".

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Where do I find the total fees paid to Betterment?

Your total fees can be found on “Activity“, filtered by “Fees”, for a customizable time frame. You can then download a CSV statement to quickly total your fees. You can also see the total lifetime management fees paid to Betterment on “Performance“, under “Total earnings.” Finally, you may find your fees detailed on your statements.

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Can you household accounts for families?

Betterment offers automatic householding for customers who open joint accounts or establish taxpayer relationships with one another when turning on TLH+. We also offer manual householding for any two customers who reside at the same address. If you’d like to be householded, or removed from an existing household, please contact us. You can household your accounts to combine your balances for the purposes of meeting minimum balance requirements for our various plans.

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Am I still charged the whole fee even if I don’t use the product for the whole year?

No, you are not. Betterment’s fee is prorated across the year based on the average daily balance in your account, and a portion of this is charged monthly. So if you withdraw money from your account, your average daily balance will decrease and your fee for the month will reduce accordingly. If you withdraw your entire balance before the end of the month, we will simply charge the prorated fee at that time. If your account exclusively consists of mutual funds, due to small price fluctuations in ...

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