How does Betterment compare to other financial companies?

We like to point to three major ways we're focused on the customer, perhaps more so than other financial companies, including other robo-advisors and digital banks.

  1. We're a fiduciary—we are required to act in your best interests and we're intentional about avoiding conflicts of interest. For instance, we don't build our own funds and then recommend them to our own customers if it's not in their best interest, the way some other companies do.
  2. Our platform combines powerful technology with personalized advice developed by our passionate team of experts. When you have questions, our Customer Support team is ready to help you with account questions and troubleshooting.
  3. We help you manage the full spectrum of your money, together in one place for a low, transparent cost. Even if you don't fund, we provide advice on your existing outside accounts, as we help you compile your full financial picture.