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What can I NOT do on the Betterment app?

While the Betterment mobile app is great for quick transactions and seeing a top-level view of your investments, to make any major changes to your account or to view detailed performance data, you will need to log on from a web browser. On the mobile app, you cannot currently: View statements, tax forms, and other documents Delete goals Close your account

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Managing my account

What investments are in the Betterment portfolio?

Here at Betterment, we have already done the research on how to help make the most of your money, and our experts have put together a portfolio so that you don’t have to. You won’t be picking and choosing your own investments. You also won’t be able to buy stocks in specific companies or industries. Our Core portfolio is comprised of a combination of stock ETFs and bond ETFs, which are globally diversified and personalized for each goal and time horizon. An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a ...

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What transactions can I initiate from the Betterment app?

You can change your funding account, manage deposits, and do transfers all on the go with our mobile apps. Change Funding Account Because an electronic ACH transfer is the primary way to move money to and from Betterment, you will not be able to delete the link to your checking account unless you add a new one to replace it with. On the mobile app: After logging in, tap the three bars on the top left. Select “Settings” and then select “Funding Accounts.” Click on the three dots to the right of ...

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How can I refer a friend & view rewards?

Head to the Menu bar in the upper-left corner of the screen, which looks like three vertical lines. Then, select Earn rewards. You can refer a friend from the Eligible Rewards tab, and view your earned rewards on the Earned Rewards tab.

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How can I manage my portfolio on the Betterment app?

We enable you to manage investments easily from the mobile app, from adding goals and accounts to viewing holdings and checking performance. Add a Goal or Account Click Add goal/account from the home screen. View and Adjust Holdings To view and adjust your portfolio, log in and select any investment goal, then head to the Portfolio tab. View Performance Data and Projections To view your overall performance, select the See performance link on the home page of your mobile app, located under where ...

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