Can I transfer or roll over an inherited IRA / 401(k) or other retirement plan?

Yes, you can transfer an inherited retirement plan. The process is called a trustee-to-trustee transfer. Your current provider will send us a check of your funds directly, for your benefit. We will assist you throughout the whole transfer and set up process, so if you'd like to get started, please email us.

With Inherited IRAs, you may need to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). At this time, Betterment does not automate calculation of RMDs, though we hope to provide this feature in the future.

You will need to calculate your RMD by reviewing the “IRA beneficiaries” section of IRS Publication 590. We will provide the fair market value of your IRA by December 31st of every year with your tax forms, and you can calculate your RMD using this amount.

According to IRS rules, you will not be able to contribute further to your Inherited IRA at Betterment.