Manually Connect

If you are not presented with the option to connect instantly, or you choose not to, you can manually connect your bank account with your account and routing number. Betterment only supports connections to bank accounts that are in the account owners name.

To add your bank account manually, log in on a web browser and select “Settings” from the menu and then select “Funding Accounts.” On the following screen below the "Connect Instantly" button, you will then see the option to "Connect manually instead."

Connecting manually involves us sending two micro-deposits (each under $1.00) to your bank. Once received, you must then verify the deposit amounts within your Betterment account. Due to standard ACH timelines, verification deposits take 1-2 business days to process through and show up in your bank account.

Unlike Cash Reserve and Investments where customers are given the option to manually connect an account, funding accounts must be electronically connected to Betterment Checking, where your bank login credentials are used to connect the funding account. If you are unable to electronically connect the account, please see the alternative options for funding your Betterment Checking account here: How can I fund my Checking account?