How can I also see my spouse’s Betterment account balances?

If your spouse also has a Betterment account, you’ll each have a separate login that uses your own email address. If you want to see your spouse’s account balances, you will need to connect your spouse’s Betterment account as an instantly connected account by using an app password. In order to do this, you’ll need their consent and participation, as they will need to provide their login information.

Using an App Password: Please note, connecting another Betterment account to your own will require an App Password. These can be generated within the account that you are trying to connect when logged in from a web browser and navigating to Settings > Security.

In order to connect another individual’s account, you will first need to have that individual login to their account and generate an app password. You will then log into your own account and use that individual’s Betterment-associated email address and the app password generated in their account to connect their account to yours.)

Connecting your spouse’s Betterment account will allow you to see their balances, but will not allow you to take any actions on the account such as depositing and withdrawing.