Accounts eligible for ACATS transfers to another provider

Mainly, ACATS transfers occur between corresponding account types. For example, an individual taxable account can be transferred to an individual taxable account, but cannot be transferred to a Roth IRA. 

Please note that some Betterment accounts are ineligible for ACATS transfers to other providers. These ineligible account types are listed below. 

  • Cash Reserve or cash goal
    • Cash Reserve accounts exist within the same legal account as investment accounts. If Betterment receives a request for a full legal account transfer, and the legal account includes a Cash Reserve or cash goal, we will only send shares to the contra firm. To transfer out any cash that is held in your taxable account, please log in and go to Transfer or Rollover > Withdraw and withdraw it to your linked bank account.
  • 401(k)s
    • If you would like to transfer out your Betterment 401(k), please see the “Moving money out” section of our 401(k) Participant FAQs
  • Crypto accounts
    • Crypto accounts cannot be transferred to another provider and must be withdrawn to a connected bank account. For instructions on how to withdraw from your crypto account, please see this resource.

There may also be account types that your new provider does not support and therefore cannot receive via ACATS. We recommend reaching out to them for those details. 

Please see our FAQ for instructions on how to transfer out funds to another provider.