Why am I having trouble logging into my external accounts at Betterment?

When connecting an account you may receive an error. If this occurs, try:

  1. If you are using a password manager, try disabling it before logging in. Password managers or even your browser’s autofill can sometimes add extraneous spaces to the beginning or end of your username or password, or auto-fill incorrect passwords. Please manually type in these fields.
  2. Make sure the URL matches. Search by the firm name in the search field and then compare the URL to the URL you use to log directly into your account. There can be multiple possible matches when you are attempting to connect an institution. Alternatively, you can also search for the exact URL where you normally log in to view your accounts.
  3. Verify you can log in directly on the external institution’s website with those credentials. You may be password locked in your external account, so you may be blocked from logging in until this issue is resolved.