How do I set up an App Password for connecting your account elsewhere?

App Passwords help you to connect to finance applications and services (such as Mint and TurboTax) for convenience and productivity in a safer way.

To set up an app password, log in to your Betterment account on a web browser. Once logged in, select "Settings" from the menu and then "Security." Click “Generate a new App Password” in the section “App Passwords.” Next, we’ll ask you which application this password is for.

Lastly, we’ll show you the password we generated for you. We will only display this once. To use this password, simply copy and paste the 20-character password shown and use it to log in to the application you set it up for. You won't need to remember it, so don't write it down or share it with anyone.

Only connected applications can use this password to see your account. This password will not work for logging into Betterment directly.