Investment options for your 401(k)

We make it easy to invest like a pro. Learn what investment options are available and what might be the best fit for your retirement.

Video Transcript

Each one of our portfolios is relatively low cost, globally diversified, and can be customized to your specific appetite for risk. Let's kick things off with our Core Portfolio, the most popular pick of Betterment investors and the default option for 401(k) customers like yourself.

Core features a broad collection of stocks and bonds from across the world, with a slight lean towards undervalued US stocks. If you're simply looking for a slice of the market at large, this portfolio could be for you.

We have three varieties of Socially Responsible Investing portfolios.

They offer a way for you to support companies that share your values. There's the Broad Impact Portfolio and two others, which lean more toward climate or social issues.

Our Innovative Technology Portfolio invest in companies pioneering advances in semiconductors, nanotechnology, and more. If you believe the emerging tech of today will drive the market returns of tomorrow, and you're willing to take on a little extra risk, this portfolio is made with you in mind.

Our Goldman Sachs Smart Beta Portfolio targets companies with the potential to outperform the broader market in the long term based on certain characteristics. But it also comes with a higher risk of occasional losses.

If you're looking to preserve wealth or generate income in retirement, we offer the BlackRock Portfolio. It's built entirely on a diverse set of bonds to help minimize stock market volatility. Pick from one of four options targeting varying levels of income and corresponding risk.

Last but not least, if you're an experienced investor looking for more control, a Flexible Portfolio lets you adjust the weights of individual asset classes.

We'll rate the diversification and relative risk of your tweaks before making anything final.

One more time, here's your Betterment portfolio options. After picking one, kick back and relax, knowing you're invested.

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