An overview of the Betterment platform

We're more than your 401(k) provider.

Video Transcript

Welcome to Betterment. Your employer chose us to manage your 401(k) because we make saving for retirement simple. But that's not all. We also offer a number of investing and cash accounts, all of which are separate from your employer's 401(k) plan. We make it easy to invest the way you want, with a range of diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds, or even crypto. Meanwhile, we handle the hard stuff, like monitoring your investments, reinvesting your dividends, and rebalancing your portfolio.

Okay, now let's talk about cash. Betterment allows you to grow your savings with a high yield cash account with no fees, $2million dollars in FDIC insurance through our program banks and unlimited withdrawals.

So you can leave your 401(k) alone if you have any unexpected or expected expenses. Say that three times fast.

Which brings us back to retirement. You're already on the right track saving with your 401(k), but additional savings like an IRA, an individual retirement account can sometimes be a smart strategy to further build out your retirement plan.

The short version? Betterment makes it simple for you to save, invest, and plan for all your financial goals conveniently in one app. So you can focus on the life you want today, tomorrow, and well into retirement.

Betterment, the automated investing app that makes it easy, to be invested.

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