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Financial Advisors

Licensed Financial Experts—at Your Fingertips

Betterment customers now have access to licensed financial experts directly from our mobile app. Get your questions answered and receive personalized financial advice.

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By Garrett Oakley, CFP® CPA
Financial Planning Professional, Betterment  |  Published: July 26, 2017

Betterment’s mobile app now puts licensed financial experts at your fingertips using a new messaging service.

Betterment customers can ask financial questions and get help from a licensed expert.

If you don’t yet have a Betterment account, you can sign up and let a customer support representative help you get started.

Where do you get your financial questions answered? A broker you meet with regularly? An online service? Cable news? A family or friend?

Often, the answer isn’t simple. The advice investors use to make decisions tends to come from many sources, with varying degrees of expertise and personalization.

Amidst the talk on television, chatter from the workplace water cooler, and free articles available online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There is a lot of conflicting information for investing advice today, and getting personalized fiduciary advice can be expensive.

At Betterment, we believe our customers deserve access to financial advice that fits their lives. Today, we’re introducing a new messaging feature for all customers that aims to cut through the noise and provide answers to your personal financial questions from a licensed expert.

Connecting with a Licensed Professional From Anywhere

Financial Experts over the PhoneThis new service allows every Betterment customer to connect with a professional who can offer individual advice. With just a few taps, you can safely and securely send us financial questions—big or small—the moment it comes up. We’ll provide an ongoing record of every conversation that you can reference at any time.

Our experts can help you decide how to invest your funds, set goals (like a house or retirement), and identify which Betterment tax features may be right for you. We can also help answer questions about what happens when you withdraw money from Betterment, how our portfolios have been designed, and what you should do when market conditions change.

Here are a few questions you might consider ask our experts using the app:

  • Should I invest or pay off debt?
  • Am I saving enough for retirement?
  • Is my 401(k) allocated properly? What should my allocation be?
  • What type of IRA should I open?
  • The market seems extra volatile right now, what should I do? (something related to market behavior)

How to Use Betterment’s New Messaging Feature

In this new mobile feature, we’ve put access to a licensed professional at your fingertips. In the Betterment app, you can ask your question by tapping the new messaging icon in the top right corner. There, you can type your questions and concerns.

If your question relates to financial advice, a licensed professional will get back to you, and the entire conversation will be available for your to review later. For technical or support questions, a customer support representative will respond. While we aren’t promising instantaneous chat, we’re dedicated to providing insightful, well-researched answers to your financial questions—knowledge you can trust that is in your best financial interest.

If you’re not yet using Betterment’s app, download the app for your iPhone or Android and set up a new savings goal today. As you get started, our experts will be available to answer your questions.

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