Lower costs through smarter technology and automation

Stop losing money to fees.

Investment management fees have traditionally been around 1.0% a year. Our smarter technology allows us to offer a lower fee structure, leaving you with more money to invest.

Account Balance


Traditional account fee


at 1% annually
Betterment Fee


at 0% annually

$100/mo auto-deposit required for 0.35% fee.
Otherwise, your cost is a flat $3/mo.


of potential savings over 20 years

How did we get this number? X

After 20 years, a $x investment with annual fees of 1% will be worth $x, while a Betterment account with annual fees of x% will be worth $x, assuming an effective annual return of 7% for both.

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Fees add up over time. At a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, Betterment leaves you with more money to invest.

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The more you invest, the less you pay in fees.

  • Account Balance

  • $0 - $10,000

  • $10,000 - $100,000

  • $100,000+

  • Annual Fee

  • 0.35%

    With a minimum of $100/mo auto-deposit



    without auto-deposit

    Accounts with a balance of less than $10,000 and auto-deposits less than $100/mo will pay $3/mo

  • 0.25%

    No auto-deposit required

  • 0.15%

    No auto-deposit required

    Personal Consultation
    ($500k minimum)

    • No auto-deposit required

    • Accounts with a balance of less than $10,000 and auto-deposits less than $100/mo will pay $3/mo

  • Account Balance

    Annual Fee

  • No trade fees.

    Betterment does not charge you transaction fees to buy and sell securities.

  • No transaction fees.

    There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing from your account – ever.

  • No rebalancing fees.

    Betterment automatically and regularly rebalances your portfolio for free.

"A high-quality, low-cost, customer-service-oriented experience."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an auto-deposit?

    Auto-deposits are scheduled deposits that will automatically be paid in from your linked bank account. You can set these up from your account dashboard, and adjust them at any time.

  • When does Betterment charge fees?

    Fees are charged at the end of each quarter, or prorated whenever a large withdrawal is made. You will never be charged for having an open account with a $0 balance.

  • Where are the fees taken from?

    Fees are taken right from your Betterment account. No action is required on your part, and we'll never charge fees if you don't have a balance.

  • Will market changes take me down a fee tier?

    You will never be put in a more expensive fee tier due to market changes. You can, however, get placed into a less expensive fee tier due to upward market changes.

  • Is there a minimum balance?

    No, there is no minimum balance requirement at Betterment. You can deposit as little as $10.

  • What do you get with a personal consultation?

    Customers with an account balance of $500k or greater can schedule a one-time personal consultation with one of our financial planning experts. This is in addition to being able to talk 7 days a week with our excellent customer support team, which is available to all customers.

  • Is there a fee for a $0 balance?

    No, you will never be charged for an account with a $0 balance.

  • Are there fees for deposits or withdrawals?

    No, our annual fee covers everything. You will never be charged any trade or transaction fees.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time. Fees will be prorated, so if you leave before a quarter is over, you will only pay for the time you had a balance.

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