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Personalized financial advice

Know how much to invest, your recommended asset allocation, and more.

Low-cost, globally diversified investment portfolios

Invest in funds chosen to help maximize your money at various levels of risk.

Automatic rebalancing

Maintain your target allocation when the market causes it to shift.

Advanced tax-saving strategies

Automate tax loss harvesting and asset location to increase your after-tax returns.

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Sync external accounts to get a clear view of your money.

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All of the benefits of our Digital plan

In-depth advice on investments outside of Betterment

Create a plan for managing 401(k)s, real estate, and individual stocks.

Unlimited access to our CFP® professionals for guidance on life events

  • Getting married? Make sure your goals are aligned, decide how to combine your money, set financial boundaries, and decide how to allocate your money across your retirement plans.
  • Having a child? Save for college, prioritize family goals, select life insurance, and discuss your estate plan.
  • Managing equity-based compensation? Understand your plan, walk through possible tax implications, and manage the potential risks.
  • Retiring? Plan for your transition from saving to spending, and create a tax-smart withdrawal strategy.
Advice Packages

Set up a one-time advice call and action plan with a licensed financial expert.

Pricing starts at $199

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Getting Started Package

Financial Checkup Package

Marriage Planning Package

College Planning Package

Retirement Planning Package

Betterment Advisor Alex Benke
Betterment Advisor Network

Looking for a dedicated one-on-one relationship with a financial advisor?

Get matched with a pre-vetted CFP® professional who can provide comprehensive financial planning. Advisors may have minimum balance requirements, which typically begin at $100,000.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore your first goal

Safety Net

This is a great place to start—an emergency fund for life's unplanned hiccups. A safety net is a conservative portfolio.


Whether it's a long way off or just around the corner, we'll help you save for the retirement you deserve.

General Investing

If you want to invest and build wealth over time, then this is the goal for you. This is an excellent goal type for unknown future needs or money you plan to pass to future generations.

Are you on track for retirement?

Try our retirement calculator to see if you're retirement-ready.

Could your 401(k) be worth more?

Learn how rolling over an average 401(k) to a Betterment IRA could mean 60% lower fees.

Want more retirement guidance?

Read the latest on investing for retirement on our Resource Center.


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