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  • Getting started

    45-minute call with a CFP® professional who will provide a step-by-step tutorial to help you set up and optimize your account and answer your questions.


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  • Retirement planning

    60-minute call with a CFP® professional to get a holistic review of your situation to help you get on track for your future retirement.


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  • Financial check-up

    60-minute call with a CFP® professional to get a review of your current financial situation and investments.


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  • College planning

    60-minute call with a CFP® professional to review your family’s financial situation and to help you set a savings plan for higher education.


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  • Marriage planning

    60-minute call with you, a loved one, and a CFP® professional to discuss your goals and managing finances together.


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  • Crypto planning

    45-minute call with a CFP® professional for guidance on how investing in Betterment’s crypto portfolios makes sense for your situation.


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Meet Nick, Advisor Team Lead.

A featured investing expert in media outlets like Yahoo Finance, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal, Nick loves helping people make sense of their complicated financial lives. He and his team provide 1:1 financial planning and investment advice to customers like you.

Nick Holeman advisor team lead.

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