Powers of Attorney

How to manage your account with powers of attorney

Estate planning

Do you accept Power of Attorney arrangements?

Yes. If you have a power of attorney arrangement, please send us a message to receive further instructions.

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Getting started

What paperwork is required to set up a power of attorney?

In order to register an attorney on an account we require the following: Copy of the executed durable power of attorney document. Copy of a valid US government issued photo ID for the attorney-in-fact (the agent), which includes date of birth, current address and name. The attorney-in-fact’s SSN

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Will you accept a power of attorney?

If you have a power of attorney arrangement, you will need to register it with Betterment. Please message us to receive further instructions.

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How should the power of attorney documents be provided to Betterment?

Please email support@betterment.com for further instructions on how to provide the documents to Betterment. Alternatively, you can mail the paperwork to: Betterment Estates c/o Customer Operations 8 W 24th St, Floor 6 New York, NY 10010

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Managing my account

What is a trusted contact?

If we identify actions that appear to be the result of financial exploitation within your brokerage accounts, we’ll reach out to your trusted contact to let them know. You may want to designate a close friend, family member, or other party 18 years or older who we can contact in the unlikely scenario that we suspect you are a victim of financial exploitation. To add a trusted contact to your investing or cash reserve accounts, first you must log in on a web browser. Click Settings on the left ...

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