BlackRock Target Income Portfolio

A bond-only portfolio strategy with five different target income levels

Getting started

How will I receive bond income generated from the BlackRock portfolio?

Income generated by the portfolio will be automatically reinvested. You can always set up a recurring withdrawal of the approximate amount of the income yield your portfolio earns. Most income is paid on a monthly basis, but it can be quarterly depending on the fund.

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How is the BlackRock portfolio different from the Betterment Core portfolio strategy?

The Betterment portfolio seeks to deliver both income and capital gain. The BlackRock Target Income portfolios are designed for those in retirement or those seeking investment income while minimizing capital losses. Customers can select from four income portfolios at varying levels of risk. The best way to think about this is in comparison to the Betterment portfolio. The Blackrock Target Income Portfolio is not as concerned about picking investments that will grow over time. It focuses on ...

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What is the BlackRock Target Income portfolio?

The income portfolio is comprised of only bond ETFs. The portfolio is suited for an investor who is looking to generate a steady stream of income. To put this into context, the portfolio seeks to generate bond interest from the funds periodically, at a rate that is generally higher than a portfolio that includes both stocks and bonds, such as the Betterment portfolio.

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What is the difference between the BlackRock Income portfolio and Betterment’s retirement income strategies?

The Betterment Retirement Income strategy draws down on principal. Betterment’s Retirement Income strategy is a total return approach that focuses on income generation and growth. The BlackRock Target Income portfolio’s primary mandate is to generate income for investors, without much consideration regarding growth and appreciation of principal.

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Investment details

Why might somebody use a bond-only portfolio?

There are many ways to implement an income portfolio. Some of those ways include adding dividend producing equities. The Blackrock Target Income Portfolio does not because it wants to keep the volatility low. Even long-term and high-yield “junk” bonds have historically had approximately half the risk of large cap equities.

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What funds are used in the BlackRock Target Income portfolio?

To learn more about BlackRock's funds, review theirportfolio construction documentation.

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How frequently is the BlackRock Target Income portfolio updated?

The BlackRock Target Income Portfolio Strategy is generally updated 4 to 6 times per year.

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Tax optimization

Do Tax Loss Harvesting+ and Tax Coordination work with the BlackRock Target Income portfolio?

Tax Loss Harvesting+ (TLH) and Tax Coordination will not work with this portfolio. This is because TLH+ requires volatility to harvest a lost, and bonds are not as volatile as stocks. Tax Coordination requires high growing assets to produce meaningful alpha, and bonds have lower long-term returns than equities.

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