How do I perform an IRA transfer or rollover?

Betterment uses a direct transfer process to roll over existing IRAs into Betterment IRA accounts. These transfers are non-reportable transactions, which avoids any tax consequences for the user. In a direct transfer, your current IRA provider generally sends Betterment a check or wire for the value of your account.

To get started, go to the Transfer page of your Betterment account and click "Rollover". You'll answer a few questions and receive full instructions to complete your IRA transfer, based on your provider's requirements. You'll need to sign transfer paperwork that Betterment provides, and send that your provider.

If you have a special retirement plan, such as an inherited IRA, please contact us at and we can guide you through the process.

These instructions only apply if you’d like to roll your funds into a Betterment IRA. Learn how to transfer funds to an existing Betterment 401(k) plan through your employer.