How is Betterment different?

Traditionally, people have manually managed their money and investments, which can be a very time consuming and painful process, or they've paid very costly fees to have access to financial advisors and advanced investment strategies.

You may be a first-time investor just starting out, a seasoned investor wondering if you could be doing better, or a retiree thinking about ways to make your nest egg last. For those seeking an alternative to expensive advisor fees or the labor-intensive process of managing one's own investments, Betterment offers an alternative.

  • Betterment's portfolio is designed to help customers achieve optimal returns at each level of risk from their investments.
  • We use a variety of strategies, using technology, to help investors keep as much of those returns as possible.

We strive to offer a great user experience and design our technology to be friendly and accessible. Everyone has questions regarding financial services, but a lot of people are embarrassed to ask those questions. Through Betterment, you can ask questions and receive help from our customer support team. You can also access financial experts and receive advice through our Advice Packages or by upgrading to our Premium plan.