Can I open a joint checking account?

Joint Checking accounts are available.

Each Betterment user can have up to two Checking accounts. This can be two individual accounts, two joint accounts, or one of each, so feel free to pick and choose according to your needs!

If you don’t have an account with Betterment yet, sign up now. If you are already a Betterment user, log in now.

You can create a Joint Checking account by converting your existing Checking account to Joint Checking or by opening up a brand new Joint Checking account.

To convert to your existing Checking account, simply log in and select your existing Checking account. Within the “Manage Account” section, you’ll see the option to “Add someone to account.”

To create a brand new Joint Checking account, select Checking from the “Add goal/account” flow. You’ll be prompted to choose between a Checking and Joint Checking account.

We’ll need a few pieces of information from you regarding your Joint Checking partner. Once this information has been provided, we’ll take it from there and send your partner an email invite to join your account. Please note that the Checking account will remain in individual status until your partner completes the signup process.

Once they have completed signup, both of you will receive a confirmation email.