Can I manage my business or LLC account funds at Betterment?

Cash goals and investing portfolios are available for business or LLC accounts.

What if I already have a business or LLC account account set up with Betterment?

If you already have a Betterment business or LLC account, you can open a new cash goal in the account by logging in and clicking “Add New” on the home page. If you’re choosing to invest, you’ll next be able to select your portfolio. Go on to finish setting up your goal, and once that's all set, you'll be able to make your initial deposit or set up recurring deposits.

Do I need to create a new Betterment login for my new business or LLC account?

No, your business or LLC account will be set up in your current Betterment account. If you don’t have an account with Betterment yet, sign up now.

Once you’re ready to get started, you can log-in to your Betterment account and click “Add New.” From there, choose to either invest in one of our diversified portfolios, or save and earn interest with our high-yield cash account. After choosing your goal, select “Trust account” and fill out all required information about your business or LLC. 

What types of business accounts does Betterment support?

  • Single-member LLC
  • Multi-member LLC
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Non-Profit

What supporting documents will I need to upload?

  • Completed and signed Betterment Business Onboarding Packet
  • Copy of file stamped state incorporation document (i.e. certificate/articles of incorporation)
  • Copy of an unexpired driver's license, passport, or other government-issued ID as required in Section 2 for any Equity Owner(s) and Control Person that doesn’t already have their own personal Betterment login

How long does it take for my business or LLC account to be approved?

You can expect to hear back on your business or LLC account application in 1-2 weeks. Uploading all supporting documents during account creation will help our team of specialists onboard your business or LLC within that time frame.

For more details, please email our team at