Adding A Funding Account

The external bank accounts you connect to your Betterment account for the purpose of transferring funds must be in your name.

We suggest that you use checking accounts rather than savings accounts, because savings accounts typically limit the number of monthly withdrawals you can make. If your bank uses the same routing and account numbers for both your checking and your savings account, our system will default to pulling from and depositing to your checking account.

For security reasons, we allow you to use up to three different external bank accounts to deposit and withdraw from your investing accounts and Cash Reserve every 90 days. External bank accounts associated with active auto-deposits or auto-withdrawals also count toward this limit.

No matter how many external bank accounts you have connected, you’ll be able to fund your goals with Betterment Checking.

When it comes to funding your Checking account, you can only connect one external bank account at a time.

You are not able to set up multiple auto-deposits into Cash Reserve or any single investment goal. However, you can set up auto-deposits from one connected funding source and then separately make manual one-time deposits from another connected funding source.