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Move your money quickly and easily with 60-second transfers

For 50+ providers, IRA transfers to Betterment are automated and can be initiated in as little as 60 seconds. For other providers, we make it easier by giving you what you need to complete the transfer.

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Help keep more of your money with low fees

Many traditional investment managers charge high or even hidden fees. Betterment charges you one flat management fee – no additional trading, transfer, or rebalancing fees.

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Help lower your taxes with asset location

Betterment's Tax-Coordinated Portfolio automatically places highly taxed assets in your IRAs and lower-taxed assets in your taxable accounts. Research shows that this strategy can boost after-tax returns by 0.48% each year on average, which amounts to an extra 15% returns over 30 years2.

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Invest for a comfortable retirement with personalized advice

We offer advice tailored to you. Betterment's RetireGuide will tell you how much you will need for retirement based on your age, desired retirement age, location, and current savings. Once we understand your goals, we build a personalized retirement plan and portfolio for you.

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Help keep your risk in check with automated rebalancing

At Betterment, we rebalance your portfolio dynamically, efficiently, and automatically as you invest. Rebalancing is recognized as a smart practice in investing. It realigns your portfolio back to its original asset allocation to help protect you from market volatility.

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Start investing smarter.

At Betterment, we combine low fees and innovative technology with an intuitive interface and personalized advice to provide the best possible returns on your investment. Don't wait to experience smarter investing – open an account with Betterment today.

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1 Based on PriceMetrix State of Wealth Management 2015 report .

2 The estimated additional annualized return of 0.48% assumes that the initial balance is equally distributed across three types of accounts: a taxable account, a tax-deferred account (such as a traditional IRA) and a tax-exempt account (such as a Roth IRA). They also assume a 70% allocation to stocks across the entire 30-year period, and a California resident in a 28% federal tax bracket both during the entire period, and at liquidation. The incremental return was calculated using the Monte Carlo projection method across more than 1,000 simulated market scenarios. It compared the total after-tax value of all three accounts when managed by TCP to the benchmark, which was the after-tax value of all the accounts under the same market scenarios, but uncoordinated (i.e. managed by Betterment separately, as standalone Betterment portfolios). As such, these projections make no claim about the value of Betterment's service as compared to any particular non-Betterment investing strategy. Instead, they estimate specifically the value of the TCP service, as applied to Betterment's baseline passive investing strategy. There are additional assumptions around these estimates, which are necessarily numerous and complex, due to the nature of this projection method. TCP may not be suitable for taxpayers subject to a Federal tax bracket of 15% or lower. You should not use TCP to coordinate accounts with materially different time horizons. TCP is not optimal for accounts which you rely on for liquidity in case of unforeseen circumstances. For much more on this research, including additional considerations on the suitability of TCP to your circumstances, please see our white paper and our full disclosures.