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We invest your money in low‑cost index funds.

We invest your money in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds and give you personalized financial advice – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial services.

We believe in passive investing, which means taking on the right level of risk for your time horizon, and letting our advanced algorithms do all the work.

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Betterment is a new kind of investment service.

We’re not just reinventing investing; we’re transforming it. We’re taking what has worked for decades and using technology to make it more efficient, saving you time, while helping to increase your after-tax returns.

We recommend how much money to invest to the type of account that’s right for you. Then, we invest and manage it for you in a way that many traditional investment services can’t.

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Personalized financial advice.

  • Take on the Right Level of Risk

    Based on your time horizon, we'll tell you how to allocate your money across stocks and bonds so your portfolio is properly adjusted for risk.
  • Know How Much to Invest

    We'll tell you how much to deposit each month based on the total amount you want to invest, whether it's for retirement, a major purchase, or simply to build wealth.
  • See How Much You’re Losing to Fees

    You can securely sync your outside investments to Betterment. This lets you see your total net worth, and how much you're losing to fees and idle cash.

Experts are behind every choice we make.

Whether it's the research and evaluation done by our investment professionals, or the dedicated care of our world-class customer support specialists, the people behind our technology make all the difference. We're available 7 days a week via phone, email, or live chat.

Meet our team of experts

Dan Egan

Director of Investing

Technology is nothing without the people behind it.

We have industry experts that guide everything we do, from the tax tools we build to the funds we choose for our portfolio.

Meet our team of experts

Our experts are here to help.

Sometimes, you just want to talk to a person. Our team of licensed experts are here to provide financial guidance when you need it.

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Boris Khentov

Tax Attorney

Rukun Vaidya

Senior Investment Analyst

  • Lower Taxes

    We'll show you how your actions impact your taxes, and even help you take advantage of advanced tax strategies, usually only available to a select few.

  • Smarter Automation

    With our suite of automated tools — such as SmartDeposit, RetireGuide, and Auto-Deposit — we make optimal use of every cent you invest.

  • Total Control

    We provide personalized advice, but you decide what's right for you. We charge no transaction fees, and there are no restrictions on withdrawals.

We care about security as much as you do.

We manage more than $6 billion for our customers. And the press has noticed.

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Have peace of mind knowing your money is protected.

Betterment Securities is a member of SIPC. Securities in your account protected up to $500,000. For details, please see

It's our legal duty to look out for your best interests.

As an SEC- and FINRA-regulated Broker Dealer, Betterment Securities follows a strict set of rules designed to protect our investors' accounts.