How much cash is too much cash to be in savings?

Cash is great. But can you have too much? And what should you do with it? Let’s find out.

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The main point: If you have too much cash in savings, you may be missing out on growth from stock or bond investments. Consider having cash in savings for short-term needs and putting the rest into investing accounts.

Facts about cash in savings:

  • Cash in savings is liquid, meaning it is easy to access when you need to withdraw it for spending.
  • Cash in savings is also low risk, meaning your money should not decrease in value like stocks if you stay with FDIC insurance limits.
  • But—cash in savings does not have the opportunity to grow compared to cash in stocks and bonds, especially when savings rates are not keeping up with inflation.

Finding a balance: To strike the right balance between cash and investments for different needs, consider the following:

  • Cash is a secure option for your emergency fund. Most experts recommend having three to six months of living expenses saved. Cash is the lowest-risk option but you can use a mix of bonds and stock too. Take a close look at your situation and save what feels right for you. After that, take a look at your extra cash.
  • Cash and investments can also be right for your short-term goals. Having cash in savings can be wise for short-term goals (we consider anything under 12 months short-term). But depending on how you’re defining short-term and your risk tolerance, you may consider putting some cash for shorter-term goals in bonds and stocks.
  • Investments can support your long-term goals. For most goals longer than 12 months, consider putting your cash into stock and bond investments. While investing involves more risk, stocks have had greater long-term gains historically than leaving your cash in savings.

We have options for you:

  • Open a Cash Reserve account if you’re looking for a secure way to save. It’s a high-yield cash account that helps grow your savings while offering FDIC insurance up to $2 million ($4 million for joint accounts) through our program banks.
  • Open an investing account for your long-term goals. We’ll help assess your risk tolerance, provide investment recommendations, and make it easy to access expert-built portfolios to get you closer to your goals.

Ready to start saving? Whether you have short-term or long-term plans, we’ve got you covered.

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