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Whether you’re saving or investing, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a company that puts your money to work.

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Whether you’re saving or investing, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a company that puts your money to work. Here’s how we do that at Betterment:


High-yield cash accounts like Cash Reserve could be a smart hedge during volatile markets—especially for money you’re saving to be used soon.

  • New customers can earn 13x more than the average savings account** with Betterment’s Cash Reserve account.
  • Additionally, we offer up to $2M ($4M for joint accounts) in FDIC insurance through our program banks†, with unlimited withdrawals and no fees.
  • When you’re ready to start investing, you can set up recurring transfers from Cash Reserve directly into a portfolio, which helps you take advantage of dollar cost averaging.

New customers earn up to 5.50% APY* with Cash Reserve.

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Qualifying deposit of $10 required, Terms and conditions apply. For Cash Reserve (“CR”), Betterment LLC only receives compensation from our program banks; Betterment LLC and Betterment Securities do not charge fees on your CR balance.


Low-cost, ETF-based portfolios make it easy to diversify your investments across thousands of stocks and bonds while keeping costs down.

  • Our Investing and Capital Markets Teams monitor our portfolios, making adjustments when necessary to account for major market changes.
  • We don’t just choose stocks. Our experts review and score assets, and run portfolio simulations against various scenarios to help measure expected long-term performance.
  • As a fiduciary, it’s our job to act in your best interest. We’ll never recommend investments or give you guidance unless we believe it’ll help you reach your financial goals.

Automated investing technology can perform multiple sophisticated, time-saving actions on your behalf, helping optimize your money.

  • Automated rebalancing helps keep your portfolio at the preferred risk level as markets fluctuate and assets change in value. And we use deposits and automated dividend reinvestment to rebalance tax-efficiently.
  • Recurring deposits and transfers help you save regularly without having to remember to do so. Just set the amount and frequency, and we handle the rest.
  • Tax Coordination helps us optimize your after-tax returns by strategically holding investments in each account type.


Whether you’re saving or investing, your money should be working hard for you. Betterment makes it easy. We manage more than $40 billion dollars across cash, investing, and retirement for over 800,000 customers. We’d love to make your money hustle, too.

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